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TARTA Travel Training is offered to senior, school, and community groups to help empower individuals how to ride TARTA through a brief presentation covering routes, schedules, procedures, and fares.

TARTA Travel Training is a self-paced process where an individual, regardless of ability or age, has the opportunity to learn how to use TARTA’s services. Instructors assist trainees in overcoming fears and building confidence so they can use the least restrictive modes of TARTA’s services to the fullest possible extent.

If appropriate, the TARTA Travel Trainer will work with an individual’s case manager and/or others to help the individual succeed in the travel training process.

Travel training will provide individuals with essential travel skills, such as:
  • Obtaining bus system information and assistance
  • Reading bus schedules
  • Route training
  • Trip planning
  • Boarding and exiting buses
  • Paying the fare
  • Using a wheelchair lift
  • Making a change to another route
  • Knowing how to signal the driver to stop or for assistance
  • Knowing how to handle travel disruptions
  • Personal safety and stranger awareness
  • Emergency skills
There are many benefits of learning to ride the TARTA fixed route system such as:
  • Greater independence
  • Convenient travel schedule
  • Saving money
  • Increased sense of confidence and self-reliance
  • Increased community involvement

If you are interested in learning more about how TARTA’s Travel Training works, please contact Rick Bush at 419.245.5228 or email at

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