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Passenger Code of Conduct

While using TARTA vehicles or facilities,
please observe the following rules:

  • No illegal or unlawfully-possessed firearms and/or any other weapons, explosives or flammable substances.
  • No action creating a nuisance for driver or others or engaging in fighting, threatening harm to persons or property, or violent, turbulent or unsafe or criminal action in or around TARTA buses or bus stops.
  • No yelling, screaming, singing, playing musical instruments, or use of any other sound amplification devices (without headsets) including cell phone ringtones.
  • No smoking, eating, drinking, roller skating, skateboarding, or bicycling.
  • No animals, insects or reptiles, except service animals.
  • No profanity, teasing, sexual/racial slurs or gestures, threatening/offensive language and no public displays of affection.
  • Non-qualifying passengers must vacate elderly/ disabled seating upon request of any TARTA employee.
  • No person shall interfere, in any manner, with the safe operation or movement of any TARTA vehicle.
  • No person shall hinder or prevent the movement of persons on any TARTA vehicle or any TARTA property so as to interfere with the rights of others.
  • No solicitation, panhandling, begging, or loitering.
  • No use or public display of offensive or pornographic materials or media.
  • No person shall intentionally or recklessly harass or annoy another person.
  • No littering, spitting, expectorating, defecating, or urinating.
  • No person shall use or possess alcohol or illegal drugs on/in a TARTA vehicle or station, except for lawfully-possessed and unopened alcoholic beverages.

Violation of any of the rules established in the Code of Conduct Policy will result in the immediate suspension of riding privileges, and will subject the offender to the penalties set forth in Ohio Revised Code 306.99 (B).

A complete copy of this policy is available at TARTA’s Administration office and by clicking here for a PDF file listing all the infractions and consequences.

TARTA does not discriminate in employment, provision of services, and/or business practices on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation, ancestry, age, military status, and physical or mental disability. TARTA prohibits workplace harassment, including sexual harassment, as well as retaliation against employees.