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Your comfort. Your safety. Your convenience.
They come first with us.

To Speed Your Ride

Riding TARTA is easy! If you are a first-time passenger, don’t be nervous. Here are a few tips that we hope will make your trip easier and quicker.

  • Allow passengers on the bus to exit before you board the vehicle.
  • Have your fare ready before boarding – change is not provided.
  • Please allow senior citizens and persons with disabilities to have priority use of the seats designated for them – it’s the law!
  • When possible, exit by the back doors. This allows passengers to board quickly.

Please Keep These Regulations in Mind

While you are using TARTA vehicles and facilities, these activities are forbidden by law or regulation.

  • No smoking, eating or drinking is allowed inside any TARTA vehicle, station and/or shelter.
  • No radios or music players are to be played aboard any TARTA vehicle or in any TARTA station/shelter. Passengers may listen to radios or music players with the use of headphones, so long as the volume is controlled so it does not affect other riders.
  • No acts of vandalism will be tolerated on or in any TARTA vehicle or property.
  • No fare evasion or fraud will be tolerated on any TARTA vehicle.
  • No shoes, no shirt, no service!
  • Firearms are prohibited on or in any TARTA vehicle or property.

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TARTA does not discriminate in employment, provision of services, and/or business practices on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation, ancestry, age, military status, and physical or mental disability. TARTA prohibits workplace harassment, including sexual harassment, as well as retaliation against employees.