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Bus times now available by text message.

TARTA Tracker is a test program where riders can receive estimated TARTA bus stop times sent directly to their mobile device.

Users of the service can find their next scheduled bus by following these steps:

1. Find the stop ID from the sample list below; a complete list is available here.
2. Text tarta [stop ID] to 41411.
3. Estimated times are received on user’s mobile device.

For example, to find out what TARTA routes are scheduled to depart from Westfield Franklin Park, text tarta 11 to 41411.

TARTA Tracker is currently a test program and user input is welcomed. Please visit the feedback page to send suggestions and comments.

As TARTA Tracker works on most mobile phones; accessing SMS (texting) may add fees depending on the user’s mobile device service agreement. Users are encouraged to check their mobile carrier first. There is no subscription or additional charge to use TARTA Tracker.

Stop ID | Stop Name
tarta 83 | Bancroft – Upton
tarta 93 | Byrne – Nebraska
tarta 77 | Central – Garage
tarta 95 | City Park – Nebraska
tarta 33 | Dorr-Detroit
tarta 119 | Downtown (Huron at Jackson)
tarta 47 | East Broadway – Oakdale
tarta 79 | Government Station
tarta 36 | Jackson Lineup
tarta 120 | Library (Owens Community College)
tarta 63 | Manhattan Plaza via Ketcham
tarta 14 | Monroe – Detroit
tarta 23 | Park Station
tarta 46 | Perry Station
tarta 68 | Promenade Station
tarta 52 | Seagate Station
tarta 50 | Seaman – Van Buren
tarta 37 | Southwyck Blvd – Cheyenne Blvd
tarta 107 | St. John’s Jesuit H.S
tarta 51 | Starr – Broadway
tarta 32 | U.T. Transit Center
tarta 97 | Upton – Dorr

TARTA does not discriminate in employment, provision of services, and/or business practices on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation, ancestry, age, military status, and physical or mental disability. TARTA prohibits workplace harassment, including sexual harassment, as well as retaliation against employees.