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The following list of schools within the service area is accompanied with the corresponding TARTA route(s). Please be advised the routes listed do not necessarily have a stop at the accompanying school and only in the school’s proximity.

Please check for routing and/or schedule changes for your school(s).

TARTA system map

Maumee City Schools

Ottawa Hills Local Schools

  • Ottawa Hills Elementary School 3602 Indian Rd.:
    ROUTE 24T (ROUTE4 Ottawa Hills/Sylvania/Sylvania Twp. Call-A-Ride)
  • Ottawa Hills Junior/Senior High School 2532 Evergreen Rd.:
    ROUTE 24T (ROUTE4 Ottawa Hills/Sylvania/Sylvania Twp. Call-A-Ride)

Rossford Exempted Village Schools

  • Rossford High School 701 Superior St.:
    ROUTES 10L and10Rossford Call-A-Ride
  • Rossford Junior High School 651 Superior St.:
    ROUTES 10L and 10Rossford Call-A-Ride
  • Eagle Point Elementary 203 Eagle Point Rd.:
    ROUTES 10L and 10Rossford Call-A-Ride
  • Glenwood Elementary 8950 Avenue Rd.
    ROUTES 10L and 10Rossford Call-A-Ride
  • Indian Hills Elementary 401 Glenwood Rd.
    ROUTE 10Rossford Call-A-Ride

Sylvania Schools

  • Northview High School 5403 Silica Dr.: ROUTE 1 Sylvania Call-A-Ride
  • Southview High School 7225 Sylvania Ave.:
    ROUTE 1 Sylvania Call-A-Ride and ROUTE 4 Ottawa Hills/Sylvania/Sylvania Twp. Call-A-Ride
  • Arbor Hills Junior High School 5334 Whiteford Rd.: ROUTE 1 Sylvania Call-A-Ride
  • McCord Junior High School 4304 McCord Rd.: ROUTES 39 and 1 Sylvania Call-A-Ride
  • Timberstone Junior High School 9000 Sylvania Ave.:
    ROUTE 1 Sylvania Call-A-Ride and ROUTE 4 Ottawa Hills/Sylvania/Sylvania Twp. Call-A-Ride
  • Central Trail Elementary 4321 Mitchaw Rd.:
    ROUTE 1 Sylvania Call-A-Ride and ROUTE 4 Ottawa Hills/Sylvania/Sylvania Twp. Call-A-Ride
  • Highland Elementary 7720 Erie St.: ROUTES 2C, 39, and1Sylvania Call-A-Ride
  • Hill View Elementary 5424 Whiteford Rd.: ROUTE 1 Sylvania Call-A-Ride
  • Maplewood Elementary 6769 Maplewood Dr.: ROUTE 1 Sylvania Call-A-Ride
  • Stranahan Elementary 3840 Holland-Sylvania Rd.:
    ROUTE 1Sylvania Call-A-Ride and ROUTE 4 Ottawa Hills/Sylvania/Sylvania Twp. Call-A-Ride Call-A-Ride
  • Sylvan Elementary 4830 Wickford Dr.: ROUTE 1 Sylvania Call-A-Ride
  • Whiteford Elementary 4708 Whiteford Rd.: ROUTE 1 Sylvania Call-A-Ride

Toledo Public Schools

  • Byrnedale Middle School 3635 Glendale Ave.: ROUTE 31G
  • DeVeaux Middle School 2620 W. Sylvania Ave.: ROUTE 19F
  • East Broadway Middle School 1755 East Broadway St.: ROUTES 11 and 14
  • Leverette Middle School 445 E. Manhattan Blvd.: ROUTE 16C
  • McTigue Middle School 5555 Nebraska Ave.: ROUTE 27H
  • Robinson Middle School 1075 Horace: ROUTE2H and 22F
  • Samuel M. Jones at Gunckel Park Middle School 430 Nebraska Ave.: ROUTE27H
  • Bowsher High School 2200 Arlington Ave.: ROUTES32 and 34/34H
  • Rogers High School 222 McTigue: ROUTE27H
  • Scott Allied Health Academy Small School 3281 Upton Ave.: ROUTE20
  • Scott Business Technology Industry Academy Small School 3281 Upton: ROUTE20
  • Start High School 2010 Tremainsville Rd.: ROUTE19T
  • Toledo Early College High School 2225 Nebraska Ave.: ROUTE27H
  • Toledo Technology Academy 3301 Upton Ave.:ROUTE20
  • Waite High School 301 Morrison Dr.: ROUTE12
  • Woodward High School 600 E. Streicher St.: ROUTE16

Toledo-Area Parochial High Schools

  • Central Catholic High School 2550 Cherry St.: ROUTE 19
  • Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School 3225 Pickle Rd.: ROUTE 11
  • Notre Dame Academy 3535 W. Sylvania Ave.: ROUTES 2M, 3, 19F, and 22F
  • St. Francis de Sales High School 2323 W. Bancroft St.: ROUTE 22F
  • St. John’s Jesuit High School & Academy 5901 Airport Highway: ROUTE 32H
  • St. Ursula Academy 4025 Indian Rd.: ROUTE 24T


TARTA does not discriminate in employment, provision of services, and/or business practices on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation, ancestry, age, military status, and physical or mental disability. TARTA prohibits workplace harassment, including sexual harassment, as well as retaliation against employees.