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Detour News

Route 26 outbound detour.


Due to construction at the intersections of Cherry St., Collingwood Blvd., Manhattan St., Berdan Ave., and Detroit Ave., all route 26 buses will use the following detour:

Outbound 26: Via Collingwood to Central (L), Jeep Pkwy. (R), Berdan (L) to regular routing.


Detour News

Route 19 detour due to road construction.


Due to construction, the intersection of Cherry St., Collingwood Blvd., Manhattan St., Berdan Ave., and Detroit Ave. is closed. During the construction, all route 19 buses will use the following detour:

  • Outbound 19F/S/T: Via Cherry to Manhattan (R), Phillips (L), to regular routing.
  • Inbound 19F/S/T: Via Phillips to Haverhill (R), Berdan (L), Cherry (R), to regular routing.


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