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Route 27 detour near downtown.

Due to construction, Nebraska Ave. is closed between Erie and Collingwood. Therefore, all route 27 buses will use the following detour: Outbound 27H/N: Via Division to Indiana (R), Collingwood (L), Nebraska (R), to regular route. Inbound 27H/N: Via Nebraska to Collingwood (L), Belmont (R), Division (L), to regular route.

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Routes 20T and 22F reverting to southbound Royer routing.

Effective Saturday, September 20, 2014, routes 20T and 22F will revert to their previous routing on Royer Road at Franklin Park Mall as follows: Outbound 20T: regular routing from Central, Executive (R), Secor (L), Monroe (L), Royer (L) to bus shelters. Inbound 20T: Via Royer, Sylvania (R), Talmadge (R), Monroe (R), Secor (R), Executive (R), [...]

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Route 20M detoured due to Central/Holland-Sylvania intersection work.

Due to construction and long delays, all route 20M buses will use the following detour until further notice: Outbound 20M: Via Central to Reynolds (L), Bancroft (R), McCord (R), Central (L), to regular routing. Inbound 20M: Via Central to McCord (R), Bancroft (L), Reynolds (L), Central (R), to regular routing.

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The Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority will hold a public hearing at 12:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. on Monday, October 6, 2014, at the Authority’s TARPS offices located on 130 Knapp Street, Toledo, Ohio for the purpose of presenting to the public, information on service changes necessitated by anticipated modifications to scheduled pick-up time “windows.” [...]

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Fall 2014 route and schedule updates effective August 24; frequency maintained for 28/30.

On Sunday, August 24, 2014, TARTA’s fall route schedule will begin with the following changes (click on route number below to download a printable PDF file of the timetable and map): 8/29 Call-A-Ride - Maumee and Waterville Call-A-Ride merged to create a larger service area with curb-to-curb service between the two communities; no service hour changes; [...]

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Route 26 outbound detour.

Due to construction at the intersections of Cherry St., Collingwood Blvd., Manhattan St., Berdan Ave., and Detroit Ave., all route 26 buses will use the following detour: Outbound 26: Via Collingwood to Central (L), Jeep Pkwy. (R), Berdan (L) to regular routing.

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Route 19 detour due to road construction.

Due to construction, the intersection of Cherry St., Collingwood Blvd., Manhattan St., Berdan Ave., and Detroit Ave. is closed. During the construction, all route 19 buses will use the following detour: Outbound 19F/S/T: Via Cherry to Manhattan (R), Phillips (L), to regular routing. Inbound 19F/S/T: Via Phillips to Haverhill (R), Berdan (L), Cherry (R), to [...]

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Routes 15A and 16 on detour at Alexis Meijer.

Due to ongoing improvements at the Meijer store on Alexis Road, routes 15A and 16 will observe the following detours: Outbound 15A: Via Alexis to Hagman (L), Benore (R), Alexis (R), to bus shelter. Inbound 15A: Regular routing. Outbound 16: Via Benore  to Alexis (R), to bus shelter. Inbound 16: Via Alexis to Hagman (R), Benore (L), [...]

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Route 20 on detour due to Collingwood road work.

Due to the continuing construction on Collingwood Blvd., TARTA route 20 buses will use the following detour: Inbound 20M/T: Via Central to Detroit (R), Monroe (L), Bancroft (L), Ashland (R), to regular routing. Outbound 20M/T: Via Ashland to Bancroft (L), to Monroe (R), Detroit (R), Central (L), to regular routing.

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Route 24 detour due to Delaware closure at Collingwood.

Due to road work on Collingwood Ave., Delaware will be closed at their intersection beginning Wednesday, June 18 and scheduled through Tuesday, June 24, 2014. Therefore all route 24 buses will use the following detour until project completion: Outbound 24/24T: Via Franklin to Cherry (L), Central (L), Detroit (L), Post (R), to regular route. Inbound 24/24T: [...]

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